a morning like no other… (originally published 5/27/2009)

a morning like no other… (originally published 5/27/2009)

This morning was like hundreds of other school days — the alarm went off at 6:25. I got up, woke up my teenage son and went downstairs to make my morning tea.

But, today was a not a morning like any other morning in my life… today was the first morning that I slept in my own bed after my open-heart surgery 7-days ago. Last Wednesday at 6:25 I was being wheeled toward the cardiac operating suite with my wife holding my hand.

The next 3 days are (blissfully) a blur – best allowed to disappear from my memory bank. On Saturday (post-op day 3) my insanely fluctuating emotions began to turn positive. On Sunday I awoke with a joy and gratitude beyond belief. On Monday I took my last pain pill and ate (with gusto) Thai Chicken pizza from California Pizza Kitchen. Yesterday I waited (impatiently) for the discharge process to be completed so that I could sit with my family enjoying a glass of wine while eating guac and chips!

I am so grateful that I live in a time when open-heart surgery is “routine” and at 63 I was considered to be the “youngest and healthiest” person in the cardiac unit.

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